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Virtual School Trip

4/5S Virtual School Trip


As a treat for working so hard this half term, on our morning zoom call we will be going on a virtual school trip all the way to the USA! The Georgia Aquarium is one of the largest aquariums in the world and can be found in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. 🐡🐠🐳🐋

Georgia Aquarium

We are going to visit the aquarium virtually. You will experience 3 live sessions with different sea life from the aquarium, as well as completing lots of fun activities throughout the virtual trip experience. 🦑🐙🐟🐬

The live sessions include:
- Sea Lion and Seals
- Beluga Play time 🐳
- Whale Shark Feed 🦈

You can find all of the follow on resources below, for when you have finished the virtual trip!

Virtual Trip follow on Activities...

  • Choose an animal from today’s virtual trip or other sea life to research and write a fact file. You can find more information about other animals at the Aquarium on the website - home Learning with Georgia Aquarium
  • Why not watch The Blue Planet narrated by David Attenborough on BBC iPlayer - The Blue Planet
  • Create your own piece of under the sea artwork using the examples on the Georgia Aquarium website - Creative Kids Art Gallery
  • Complete some sea life mindfulness colouring, whilst watching the live webcams at the Georgia Aquarium - Jelly Webcam at Georgia Aquarium
  • Download the Georgia Aquarium Activity Booklet.
  • Want to learn more? Why not download the BBC Teach Blue Planet Live lesson below?
  • You could even download a virtual background for your next zoom call from the Georgia Aquarium website - Virtual Backgrounds from Georgia Aquarium

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