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There are no right or wrong answers for the following questions.


  • How do you think the boy felt at the start as he said goodbye to his tree house? How would you feel?


  • Did you expect the tree house to be alive? How did you feel when he picked up the hat?


  • How does the countryside and the city compare?


  • How do we know that the little boy is not settled?


  • Why is the tree house so disappointed when he finds the little boy's house?


  • How does the boy feel when he sees the tree house again?


  • Is it a happy ending?


Choose from the following tasks:


  • Retell the story from the view point of the little boy or the tree house.


  • Create a lost poster for the tree house.


  • Write a diary entry written by the boy about him leaving/settling in to his new home.


  • Design your own tree house and create a leaflet all about it. Think Airbnb!


  • Write a newspaper article about a giant walking tree in the city!


  • Create a comic strip to retell the story.





Design your own tree house template

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