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‚ÄčThis hyper realistic short animation (8mins 30secs) is set in a post-apocalyptic landscape of derelict buildings which are slowly being taken over by the futuristic flora and fauna.

The film begins with stunning establishing shots of the setting before we see a large container being ejected from the ‘Haven Nanotech’ building. The main protagonist is then seen exploring the container.  He discovers a strange mobile device which seems to direct him to a mystery research facility.  As he is trying to make sense of what is on the screen a sound of rotor blades warns him that he is in danger and to make his escape.


Task 1

Watch the film below and answer the following questions:


  1. When is this story set?  
  2. How do we know?
  3. What do you think has happened?
  4. How did one man survive or are there more?
  5. What is trying to stop him and why?
  6. What will happen next?




CGI 3D Animated Short Film RUIN by WES BALL.

Task 2











We notice that our 'hero' may not be all he seems.  In the scene above we see that his skin is a strange matrix of hexagons which glow.  He seemingly manages to power up the hand held device with his fingers. 

  • Is he the person in the profile?
  • Was he built by Haven Nanotech?
  • Why is 'research facility B' under quarantine?
  • Why does he want to go there?

Task 3

Create an internal monologue for the character.

Write what the character is thinking as he moves through the landscape. 

He may be recalling the events as if they happened in the past.

It was a day like any other.  I spent it looking for clues in one of the thousands of Nanotech buildings around Nanosaki.  I pushed the container to the edge of the 87th floor and watched it fall down.  The noise it made thundered around the empty buildings but there was no one there to hear and it was the only way I was going to get it open. 

I switched on the machine and there I was, my own face staring back at me.  It was coming back to me. I need to get to research facility B.  

What is that noise?  I better leave now. 

Oh No!   A gyrocopter. I'll head for the tunnels.... 


Once this is completed you can publish it using the iMovie app on an iPad or any other recording device. Record your narration over the original film and send it over on Class Dojo!

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