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Wednesday 2nd November 2020

To sequence a persuasive letter


Today, we're going to look at the order in which to write a persuasive letter. Consider the following:

  • Which points did yesterday's letter make first?
  • Were any of the points more or less important than others?
  • How did you know the letter was drawing to a close?


You may use yesterday's letter to help but today's text is a little different. It's all split up and out of order! I've coloured each different paragraph and put them on different slides. I want to know which order you think they should go in and why!


Beginning with one of the following fronted adverbials, make your own points to persuade Mrs Ebbel into being kinder to Bradley.

  • Quite understandably,
  • Unfortunately,
  • Frequently,
  • After some consideration, 

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