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Vikings: Traders and Explorers

LO: To learn about Viking trade and travel (longships)

Starter Activity: Below are some photographs of other Viking-age metal artefacts, from the Viking Coppergate excavation in York. Can you work out what they are? (Answers are on the second slide)

The Vikings were great explorers and travellers. Viking ships reached Britain, France, Spain, Italy and North Africa. Traders made long journeys overland through Russia, reaching as far south as Constantinople in modern-day Turkey. Some merchants travelled further east to Baghdad in Iraq. A few daring explorers made voyages to Iceland and beyond, travelling across the Atlantic Ocean to North America.


What did the Vikings trade?

The Vikings traded all over Europe and as far east as Central Asia. They bought goods and materials such as silver, silk, spices, wine, jewellery, glass and pottery. In return, they sold items like honey, tin, wheat, wool, wood, iron, fur, leather, fish and walrus ivory. Everywhere they went, the Vikings bought and sold slaves too. Viking traders carried a set of folding scales which they used to weigh coins to make sure they got a fair deal.

Viking Longships

The Vikings are best remembered as fearsome warriors. Their longships and skill were key to the success of many of their trading, from fishing and exploring the oceans to raiding. Though Viking boats came in many shapes and sizes, the most iconic and effective Viking vessel was the longship. Long, narrow and flat, longships were fast, durable and capable of navigating both choppy seas and shallow rivers. They were also light enough to be carried over land.
Task: Today you are going to design and create your own Viking Ship. Use recycled materials in your house to help you make a model or print the paper template below. Use the PowerPoint and the guide below, to recap what you need to include. Remember to post your amazing creations on Class Dojo!

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