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Wednesday - Topic

Vikings Homes

LO: To identify the features of a Viking house and compare it to our homes.


Where did Vikings live?

Many Viking families lived together in a longhouse. This was built from wood or stone and had a thatched or turf roof on top. With just one room for all the family to share with their animals, a longhouse would have been a crowded and smelly place to live. There was no bathroom inside, but the Vikings kept clean by washing in a wooden bucket or beside a stream. Instead of toilets, people used a cesspit, which was a hole outside dug for toilet waste.


Watch the short video clip:



Follow the next link and click on the labels to find out more about what was inside a Viking home: 



Task: Viking Home Comparison

Thinking about everything you have learnt from today's lesson. We are going to think about our own houses and compare them to a Viking Longhouse. Use the sheet attached below to compare and contrast the features of your home to a Viking Longhouse.

Extension Tasks:

  • Play the Viking Longhouse Game attached below
  • Build your own version of a Viking Longhouse using recycled materials from around your house or lego!
  • Draw a detailed diagram of a Viking Longhouse and include labels.
  • Design a Viking Longhouse floor plan.

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