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Viking Life

LO: To identify and explain key aspects of Viking Life


Settling Down

When the Vikings first came to Britain they raided, took what they could and then went home again.

In AD 850, some Vikings stayed in Britain over winter for the first time on the Island of Thanet, enjoying the milder climate and making use of the rich natural resources.

In the later part of the 9th century, Vikings started to look for places that they could take for their own and settle more permanently and by AD 866 they had taken the city of York.

The Vikings went on to capture more places and many made Britain their permanent home, integrating with the local people and merging traditions and customs.

The Vikings were not all bloodthirsty raiders. Some came to fight, but others came to Britain to live peacefully. Their longships brought families who settled in villages. There were farmers, who kept animals and grew crops, and skilful craft workers, who made beautiful metalwork and wooden carvings. Everyone lived together in a large home called a longhouse.

The Vikings also brought with them their way of life and beliefs. The Norse people worshipped many gods and loved to tell stories of magic and monsters around the fire.

Task: Your task today is to produce one of the following: an Information Poster, PowerPoint Presentation or a Quiz to share with your class mates of Dojo! All about certain aspects of Viking life. 

This could include:

Clothes and jewellery
Religion and gods
Houses and food
Rhyme and writing
Art and craft
Viking Jobs

You will need to take notes as you go through the Presentation below, selecting the information that is relevant. You can also download the Viking Life Fact cards below for more information!

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