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Human and Physical features of Countries

Today, you are going to choose one European country to explore in detail. To do this, you are going to have to find out information about the human and physical geography of the country. 


Can you describe what human geography is? 


Can you describe what physical geography is? 


Human geography focuses on human activity. Studying human geography can involve looking at aspects such as population, culture and communities. This means you might look at what jobs people have, what foods people eat, how healthy people are, life expectancy, the kinds of settlements people live in, and many other things. 


Physical geography studies the natural world. This can include anything in nature, from mountains, volcanoes and hills to lakes, streams and rivers. It also includes looking at the climate and weather, as well as the environment.


When you are doing your research, you could ask questions like these to help you find out about your country..


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