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Wednesday - Topic

Investigating India


As we have finished our study of Europe we are moving further east towards Asia and focusing our studies on India!


Do you know where India is?
Can you find it on this map?



What continent is India in?


Have a look through the information below to find out more about India. 


As part of our investigation into the Indian climate we are going to focus on monsoons. India experience monsoons and flooding in certain months of the year. This impacts
their farmland and the people living in these areas. Look at the information on the fact sheet below. 



Can you create your own  information poster on 'Monsoons in India'?


You could research and include the following information:

  • What is a monsoon?
  • How do they occur?
  • What impact do they have?
  • When do they occur?
  • Famous monsoons


It would be great to see some of your posters so please send them to Mr Howes to share!

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