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Investigating India


Look through the below slides and have a go at the task underneath. 

Read the following information about an adventure up Mount Everest:


Hi, my name is David and I climbed Mount Everest. You can read about my trek below. Enjoy!


1. I spent two years training for the trek to Mount Everest. I practised how to walk with my heavy backpack and equipment. I learnt how to use an ice axe and other mountain climbing tools. I packed all my mountain climbing equipment and bought my plane ticket to India.


2. I flew to India and caught a train to the Himalayas mountain range. I hiked to Everest base camp and spent four weeks there. I had to camp there to get used to the difficult weather and the thin air.


3. I started doing some short climbs up Mount Everest. I did these daily to get used to the climbing equipment and to practise how to climb over ice and snow.


4. The day finally came where I climbed to the top of Mount Everest. The very top was extremely high and the oxygen level in the air was very low. I was climbing to the top with a bad headache and I felt very sick. This was because it was hard to breathe.


5. When I reached the top of Mount Everest, the view I saw was unbelievable. I was at the highest point on Earth. I could see other mountains and lots of snow.


6. The trek down was very slow. We had to be careful not to go too fast in case we slipped and fell. When I got back to base camp I had to pack up my camp and head back to India to fly home. It was amazing


Task: Can you draw pictures to make a cartoon story of my trek to Mount Everest? You might like to add some speech bubbles to the drawings to show how I was feeling.

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