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Investigating India 


Exploring some of the major rivers in India


What is a river?


A river is a flowing, moving stream of water. Usually a river feeds water into an ocean, lake, pond, or even another river. Water from a river can come from rain, melting snow, lakes, ponds, or even glaciers. Rivers flow downhill from their source. 


Can you name a local river?


What are rivers important?


Rivers carry water across the land to the sea. This stops too much water settling on the land. Rivers provide places for animals and humans to live. Rivers provide a water supply for farmers and keep the soil fertile. Rivers can be used by boats to transport products from one town to another.


Check out the slide show below to learn about some of India's major rivers!

As we all know here in Hebden Bridge, rivers can flood! One of our most devastating floods was on Boxing Day in 2015... 


Can you remember anything about this? Ask your parents and see what they can recall!



In July, 2005 the Maharashtra state in India was badly affected by flooding. Read all about it below.


Your task 


Can you compare the two floods by researching and answering the following questions? Present your findings how you like and be creative! 


  • What do you know about the two floods? 
  • What happened to people, animals and towns during the two floods?
  • How did communities come together in the two floods?



Create a poster/mini project all about your chosen Indian river full of facts and pictures!


Don't forget to upload your work to Class Dojo/send to Mr Howes so that it can be celebrated!









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