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Children's well-being is more important now than ever.  Anxiety about viruses, exams or transition to secondary school can play on their minds and cause distress.


We have a number of ways we help the children in school such as:

  • Well-being Wednesdays where the children have to reflect on different issues each week such as kindness or being positive.  This often incorporates Circle Times where the children have opportunity to speak and hear what other children think.
  • Worry boxes - each class has a worry box in which the children are encouraged to share any anxieties or concerns they which the teacher will then address in class.  These can be anonymous and children can ask for this to be a private discussion.
  • Talking and Drawing - we run this programme internally and it provides an opportunity for a child to share time one-to-one with an adult who will listen and talk with them about anything that's on their mind.  We find that doing this whilst drawing relaxes children and helps them feel less self-conscious about talking.
  • Assemblies - often the themes of our assemblies addresses directly issues such as bullying and online safety to help remind the children of how they can cope when challenged in such circumstances.


As a school, Riverside is dedicated to supporting our children and families get the support they need to improve their well-being, and if you need to speak to anyone at the school - be it a member of the Senior Leadership Team or your child's class teacher - get in touch with us using the form below, through Classdojo, a note handed in by your child or email through admin@riverside.calderdale.sch.uk

Looking for a particular service outside of school to help you or your family? Try looking at the poster below which is full of useful suggestions.

Well-being kit for families

Looking for someone to talk to?

If you haven't yet found what you need please reach out to us so that we can work out how best to support you and your family.

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