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Miss Rooney


Hello new Year 3's and welcome to my All About Me! Usually I get to visit you in your schools and talk to you about all the things I love but unfortunately we haven't been able to do that this year. Not to worry though, you can learn all about me and my favourite things on this page. After you have had a read, why not complete the 'All About You' at the bottom of this page and send it to me? It would be great to learn lots about you all before you start in September!


Does anyone recognise this outline?
Can you figure out who it is?

Yes, it's Minnie Mouse!


Now you may be wondering why I have included Minnie Mouse on my All About Me page but that is because before I became a teacher I used to live and work in Disney World in Florida. It was a super exciting time and something I love to share with new people!


Next up is a picture of books. This one isn't as hard to figure out! I LOVE reading. Although we can all be really busy sometimes, I try at least once a week to find a little bit of time to sit down and get my nose stuck in a really good book. I love how you can escape to another world with reading and it really sends your imagination flying!


And finally.... This is my dog Bella. She's a minature Jack Russell so she's pretty tiny! I love going for long walks with her and I'm sure she loves them too. She can be pretty cheeky at times and spends a lot of time pinching my socks! I would love to know about any of your pets as I love animals and really wish I could have more!


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