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Job Title Name  

Executive Headteacher

SLT (Senior Leadership Team)

DSL (Designated Safeguard Lead)

Lucy Caswell


Deputy Headteacher

SLT (Senior Leadership Team)

DSL (Designated Safeguard Lead)

David Howes


SENDCo & Teacher - Y3RT

SLT (Senior Leadership Team)

SENCO (Special Educational Needs Coordinator)

Joy Rooney


Teacher - Y4H

History Coordinator

Jenny Holmes

Teacher - Y4/5S

Computing Coordinator

Maths Coordinator

Rebecca Smethurst

Teacher - Y5J

Geography Coordinator

Anna Jenkins

Teacher - Y6M

PE Coordinator

Lindsey Munton

Teacher - Y6C

English Coordinator

Alex Christou

Teacher - Y3RT

Art Coordinator

Lisa Taylor
HLTA (higher Level Teaching Assistant) Jenny Longbottom
Teaching Assistant Linda Lund  

Teaching Assistant


Angie Salamino
Teaching Assistant Liz Western
Learning Mentor Amy Stansfield
Teaching Assistant Samantha Doty  
Teaching Assistant Caroline Scott

Business Manager

SLT (Senior Leadership Team)

DDSL (Deputy Designated Safeguard Lead)

Sarah Kaler
Administrator Nicola Williamson
Administrator Jane Boardman  
Site Manager Paul Clayton
Cleaner Dawn Ogden  
Catering Manager Cheryl Jefferys
Assistant Catering Manager Carol Wilkinson

GKA (General Kitchen Assistant)

Apprentice Teaching Assistant

Katie Elliott
GKA (General Kitchen Assistant) Jo Dobie


GKA (General Kitchen Assistant) Melissa Nesbitt  
GKA (General Kitchen Assistant) Rebecca Dempsey  


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