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Mrs Munton (Class Teacher)


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Hello new Year 6! I am very excited to have a year 6 class next year, since beginning teaching I have taught Year2, 3,3/4, 5 and 5/6 but never year 6 on their own! I am so excited to be back at school properly in September (after a long summer of course!). There are 22 children in our class and we are in the same classroom I was in this year. Most of you know me from my current class and some of you from our maths lessons but here is a little more about me...



Firstly, most of you know me as Miss Hoyle but we are officially 6M from next year as I got married a little while ago and changed my name to Mrs Munton.









Above are a selection of photos that represent me. Firstly, I love running, I'm part of a running club called Lonely goats and I ran a marathon last year. Next is a picture of my camper van, she is called Katy and my husband and I love to travel the country in her and go on walks to discover new places. The third picture is of when I went to India, this picture represents my love of travelling. Finally, this is a picture of me outside Dortmund's football stadium in Germany. I love football and am a Burnley season ticket holder with my dad, as well as this I enjoy travelling to watch matches, particularly in Germany. 


Please fill out the All about me sheet below so I can get to know you better, perhaps you have new hobbies since lockdown?


See you in September!



All about you!

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