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We consider that a curriculum fit for a child attending Riverside Junior School needs to show the following:

  • A clear progression in skills and knowledge
  • Opportunity to enrich learning through external visits
  • Frequent opportunities to apply knowledge through project based learning with real world outcomes

We also recognise our duty to prepare children to make the transition to secondary school effectively, whilst also equipping them with the skills and abilities to adapt to an ever evolving work place.

To meet these challenges, we have re-designed our curriculum from the ground up, taking into account not only the expectations of the National Curriculum of 2014, but reflecting the local and national community in which the children live, and the global community it’s becoming increasingly easier to work within in the future.

In each subject area taught we have written a rationale detailing our pledge to each child who comes through our doors.  We clearly map out what skills and knowledge they will learn from Years 3 through to 6.  Content is sequenced and linked with other areas of the curriculum where possible to further strengthen understanding.

We are exceptionally proud of the curriculum we offer and we believe that it reflects our local, national and global community, and helps offer all our children the best chance to build on their foundations from Infants school, and start Secondary confident, capable and independent learners.

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Welcome to Riverside Junior School

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