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Welcome to our Governors’ section.


The HBSF Governing Body is made up of parents, school staff and members of the local community in Hebden Bridge.  Governors volunteer their time and can remain as members for up to 4 years before they have to reapply.

Our governors are:

Ms Amanda Ward (Chair)

Ms Mia Simons (Vice Chair)

Ms Jo Doherty ( Parent Governor) 

Mr Jonas Thiel (Parent Governor)

Ms Lisa Tregellas ( Staff Governor)

Ms Alex Christou ( Staff Governor)

Mr Jon Hairsine (Co-opted Governor)

Mr Ian Davies (Co-opted Governor)

Ms Zoe McQuillan ( Co-opted Governor)

Ms Kim Porter ( Co-opted Governor)

Mr Giles Dring (Co-opted Governor)

Mr Ben Cliff ( Associate Member)

Ms Sally Taylder ( Associate Member)

Ms Lucy Caswell ( HBSF Executive Head)

Jane Milne (Clerk to Governors)

Our main role is to help improve the school and make sure that it is run well. We work with the Head to ensure that all the children at HBSF have a good quality of education and that all their needs are met. We are accountable to you and the wider community for the performance of the school. Our main responsibilities are:

  • Planning the future direction of the school
  • Recruiting key senior staff including the Headteacher
  • Making decisions about the school’s budget and staffing
  • Making sure that the National Curriculum is taught effectively
  • Deciding how the school can encourage the pupils’ spiritual, moral and social development
  • Making sure that the school meets the needs of all the children it teaches, including those with special needs

The full HBSF Governing Body meets at least once a term. It also has a number of committees which have their own chair and meet regularly to look at specific aspects of the school management, such as teaching and learning, the school budget, the school premises and buildings, and staffing. For further information about the school Governing Body, please ask at the school office or email chair@riverside.calderdale.sch.uk.




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Welcome to Riverside Junior School

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